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When do I need to estimate and report greenhouse gas emissions from my farm?

If your farm is over 80ha, or a dairy farm with a milk supply number, or a cattle feedlot as defined in the freshwater policy then you will need to estimate and report greenhouse gas emissions from your farm by 31 December 2022.
The Partnership has assessed multiple tools that farmers can use to estimate and report their greenhouse gas emissions. Find out more here.

If you are a dairy farmer, most milk supplier companies are providing you with a report showing your greenhouse gas information. Here is a link to the DairyNZ StepChange project –

If you are a sheep, beef or deer farmer, Beef + Lamb New Zealand has launched a free greenhouse gas calculator that will allow farmers to calculate their greenhouse gas emissions and their on-farm sequestration from trees.
The partners have recommended the process for how greenhouse gas emissions will be calculated in the future pricing system. Reporting greenhouse gas emissions for the pricing system will start in 2024.

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