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Will He Waka Eke Noa look at carbon sequestration in soil?

Yes, but it is unlikely to be recognised within the first stages of implementation. We are investigating whether soil carbon sequestration or prevention of soil carbon loss can be recognised, given the current state of knowledge in this area.
Globally there is significant interest in increasing soil carbon levels to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Monitoring and measuring changes in soil carbon stocks is challenging. New Zealand-specific science is limited, and the costs of measuring farm level soil carbon stock changes are estimated to be very high.
There is also the challenge that losses in soil carbon can occur through farming activities, climate conditions, and adverse events such as droughts, which would need to be accounted for.
While soil carbon is an area of high interest from many farmers, there is a lot we do not know yet. For more detail, the report on soil carbon can be found on the ‘Your say’ page.

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