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Calculation tools and reports

April 13, 2022

Greenhouse gas emissions calculation tools

There are currently 11 approved greenhouse gas emissions calculator tools available for use on your farm. Each calculation tool in the list below has been assessed by AgFirst as meeting the requirements of He Waka Eke Noa. As more tools become available, they will also be assessed and the findings made public:

  • Alltech has a proprietary carbon footprint service ‘E-CO2’ for businesses.
  • Beef + Lamb NZ has developed a GHG Calculator – a free online tool for farmers to measure and report on-farm greenhouse gas emissions and sequestration, reflecting the individual farm’s livestock and production systems.
  • E2M is an enviro-economic model operated by Grazing Systems Limited that is based on a linear-programming platform and can model whole farm systems including greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Farmax is a decision-support tool for pastoral farmers that incorporates productivity and profitability data and now includes a greenhouse gas component.
  • Fonterra is using the Agricultural Inventory Model (AIM) to provide estimates of on-farm emissions for all its suppliers. AIM underpins the New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Inventory.
  • Horticulture New Zealand has a nitrous oxide emissions spreadsheet developed by (and available from) MPI for its growers.
  • Ministry for the Environment has a free online agricultural emissions calculator to estimate on-farm greenhouse gases emissions and sequestration.
  • MyImprint is a proprietary model, based on the New Zealand greenhouse gas inventory. It can model farms that have sheep, beef, deer and dairy cattle and includes forestry sequestration.
  • OverseerFM is a software platform for modelling nutrient flows through a farm and includes a greenhouse gas component.
  • E-Check is a simple emissions calculator developed by the Foundation for Arable Research for use in arable systems. An E-Check user guide is available to read before getting started on calculating your emissions numbers.
  • The New Zealand Merino Company, in partnership with Made for Good RX, has developed a carbon emissions model for their suppliers.
  • ToitÅ« Envirocare offers a tool that builds on greenhouse gas data from OverseerFM to provide an ISO certifiable carbon footprint of a farm.*

*list provided by Ag Matters. For more information see their website.

Calculator assessment reports

AgFirst has released two assessment reports of tools and calculators that meet the He Waka Eke Noa requirements for calculating on farm greenhouse gases. You can download both reports using the links below: